Going Green With Your Dog or Cat

Going green is one of the most socially responsible things that a person could do. Being eco-friendly involves engaging in activities that do not harm (and in some cases improve) the environment. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle not only improves our daily lives, but also protects the environment for generations to come. It is also something that our pets can participate in to!  

Green dog and cat products
Eco-Friendly Vs. Green

Eco-friendly and going green go hand in hand. Eco-friendly refers to the processes or actions in which a product is made or an action is carried out, whereas going green involves the use of such products or actions. For example, manufacturing a pet cleaner that is free of toxic chemicals would be an eco-friendly product and using that cleaner would be going green. Currently in the United States, in order to market a product as “eco-friendly” the Federal Trade commission requires data to back it up. In Canada, eco-friendly products are marked with the EcoLogo, which confirms its green responsibilities.

Why Go Green?

There are many benefits to going green other than the obvious environmental benefits. Feeding your pet green pet food that has been made with all natural ingredients has huge health benefits for your pet. Waste disposal alternatives such as toilet seats and compost machines can also help your pet and family lead a healthier lifestyle and lower the risk of spreading disease. The compost machine even reverses the effect that waste has on your yard! If you're thinking about switching to environmental green products, try these first

Only after you’ve gotten your new dog or cat home will you realize all the products you need to support their health and play time. ­Between toys, leashes, cleaners, shampoos, food dishes, puppy pads, dog beds or cat towers, your head will spin. With all the products you’ll be looking to buy, we urge you to consider eco-friendly products. 
Why Should I Buy Eco-Friendly Products?
The better question is why aren’t you buying more environmentally safe products? In most cases, they are just as good as the other products or even better. With each environmentally safe product you support, you tell companies that the Earth and profits can go hand in hand.
The issue of “pet safety” is becoming as complicated as our own safety. We’re finding out more and more that products we give and use on our dogs and cats can be unsafe. From chemicals in toys and pet products to the foods we feed them, pet parents need to be more conscious on what they’re putting in front of their furry family members. 

Easy, Affordable, & Responsible
Being a green parent is important not only for the environment, but also for your pet. Most of the eco-friendly products not only have huge environmental influence, but can also be much healthier for your pet and the rest of your family. Even on a budget there are plenty of ways for you and your pet to go green. With almost all pet products having the potential to be green, there is a huge variety to choose from. From the dishes they eat from to the shampoos and cleaners that keep them (and our houses) looking their best. Even flea and tick repellents can be eco-friendly, which makes them safer for both pet and environment. There are even some products (such as cleaners and treats/food) that you can make yourself.s


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