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 The German Shepherd dog breed is probably the most well known breed past the Golden Retriever.  It is a highly intelligent dog that has gained notoriety though it's reputation as a military and police dog.  It is considered to be an a loyal and protective dog that does not necessarily have the playful personality as other breeds.   If you're looking for a dog to train and be your loyal companion, this is your breed.  


Intelligence and Temperament

The German Shepherd breed was created to breed intelligence in to a working dog.  This means these dogs will do almost anything they ask you to.  Many people have the misconception that the breed is overly aggressive or bites unprovoked.  This is generally untrue unless someone trains them to do so.  The breed is generally attentive and is ready to go at a moments notice.  They will play or train for hours on end.  You'll wear out before they do.  Some will even say the breed needs a "sense of purpose".



German Shepherds can have similar issues as that of other large breeds, starting with hip dysplatia and the potential for bloat.  They can also get degenerative spinal stenosis later in life.  


Unfortunately, the German Shepherd's popularity has driven an over population of breeders.  This means too many dogs and not enough owners.  Many times potential German Shepherd owners can find a great pure breed dog at a local shelter.

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