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 A little known fact about the Dachshund is that it’s German origin’s translation means “badger dog”. This hound has steadfast loyal following, making them one of the most popular pure breed dogs in the United States and Canada. They are very short, stocky dogs with a long body, making way for their nicknames – weiner dog, hot dog, or sausage dog. Due to its extremely unique body structure, it is the only breed that has been certified by the American Kennel Club to hunt above AND below ground. This breed has range!

Energy, Temperament and Personality
The Dachshund is very playful, yet stubborn. Their breed instincts drive them to chase small animals, toys, and each other with a high level of intensity. They are generally nice, but they tend to bite people and other dogs quite a bit. Due to their size, this is rarely a physical issue, but needs to be taken in to consideration if you have small children or other dogs. 
Have lots of blankets and pillows around your Dachshunds. They love to burrow and dig in to them to snuggle and sleep. They have very developed senses of smell and hearing, which you’ll see the first time you put food in their dish. They are great small houses or apartments and don’t need much space.


This breed absolutely loves and is loyal to their owners. They thrive with companionship and do well in pairs. Dachshunds tend to suffer from separation anxiety, but a second dog will help keep it to a minimum. To prove it, here is a You Tube video showing the exhuberance of two Dachshunds when their military serviceman Dad comes home.  
Family and Children
Due to their tendency to bite, we would not recommend this breed around babies or small children. Also, due to their unique body, they can’t put up much with rough play from toddlers without potential injury.
The coat of this breed can be smooth, long-haired or wiry. They aren’t known as huge shedders and all but the long-haired variety require a minimal amount of upkeep and brushing. 
Unique Health Issues
The Dachshund breed is unique in shape, but that brings along a few health issues. The most important issue to take in to account is their back. The elongated body means that their spine is susceptible to injury. The athleticism in their younger years will surprise you, but you’ll want to check their activity as they get older. Jumping up and down off of beds or couches can cause serious injury. 
The breed also tends to suffer from patellar luxation. This happens when the kneecap becomes dislodged. There is also a longer list on Wikipedia of health issues that can affect this unique breed, but none as predominant as the back issues. 
Pet insurance is a must with this breed due to the potential and probability of health issues. You can protect your dog and yourself by finding a plan that is all-encompassing to your needs while not breaking the bank. See who we recommend here (  

Breeding and Breeders
Dachshunds are extremely popular, which has caused over-breeding. This, coupled with the extended down-turn in the economy, has shelters full of adoptable animals, including pure breed Dachshunds. Many shelters have adoption fees that are far less that what you would pay if you go to a breeder. Save a life and saving money seems to be a no-brainer to us. Start your search for a pure breed weiner dog with a custom search of our huge database or with the quick links below.
Featured Dachshund Breed-Specific Rescue

Our featured rescue organization is the Southern California Dachshud Relief Inc.  If you are in California and want to adopt a great weiner dog, start with them.  Otherwise, start below.

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