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As of 2011, the Boxer breed remains in the top 10 dog breeds owned in the United States and Canada. If you are looking for an alert, energetic, but patient and loyal dog, this is the breed for you. They are strong and athletic dogs and remain guarded and alert, much like a German Shepherd.  Its original use to humans was both to bring down large game and be a companion. This describes the dichotomy of the breed very accurately.
Energy, Temperament and Personality
The Boxer isn’t overly energetic or hyper like smaller breeds, but it is extremely alert and aware of the surroundings. While they will not shy away from newcomers, they will not necessarily run right up to them either. Once introduced, they can be very loyal and accepting of other dogs and humans. In recent years, people have started noticing a slight stubbornness in the breed, which may be a result of a lack of obedience training over time. 
Family and Children
The Boxer is a great family dog if you have enough space in your apartment or house. They have a great temperament with children and are strong enough to put up with their occasional rough-housing.  They are extremely friendly and rarely cause problems in the family life as long as you are consistent with training at a young age.
The coat of the Boxers is short and tight. You will find them in brown or fawn, white, or brindle colors. They are low maintenance but require occasional brushing to help keep the coat and skin in a healthy state.
Boxer Dog - No Breeder To FindUnique Health Issues
Cancer and heart-related conditions are the most common health issues associated with the Boxer dog breed. Once condition, Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, is also known as Boxer Cardiomyopathy. They can get hip dysplatia and Entropion, which is an issue with their eyelids that can be fixed with surgery. Make sure to get pet insurance if you get a Boxer to help guard you and your pet from issues that can arise from these and other health issues that can unexpectedly pop up.  Use our quick links below to find a Boxer to rescue, or do a custom search here.

Breeding and Breeders
Due to its popularity as a pure breed dog, there have been a lot of breeding of Boxers. This causes an over-population of the breed at animal shelters or rescue groups. This means you have no reason to pay large amounts of money to a breeder when you can go to a shelter and save a life. In many cases, they dogs will already have their first round of shots.


Featured Boxer Animal Rescue
Our featured Boxer animal rescue group is the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  If you are in the area, you can find a great adoptable Boxer to add to your family.  
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