Adopt A Boston Terrier - No Breeder Needed

The Boston Terrier is a favorite among those in big cities due to it’s friendliness, size, and personality. They are small, compact dogs with a similar boxy face like a Boxer, English Bulldog or Puggle


Energy, Temperament and Personality
A playfully stubborn dog, they are a riot to have around but are not overly excitable or hyper. They do not tend to bark unless absolutely necessary, so they are a great choice for apartments or condo owners. Aggression towards people and other dogs is not an issue.  While stubborn at times, the Boston Terrier is easy to please and easy to train. You would never know that they were originally bred to fight.
Family and Children
Assuming they are properly socialized to the family, the Boston Terrier breed makes a good family dog. Kids can play with them without worry of being bitten unless they are overly rough. 
The expected coat colors of a Boston Terrier is the white/black combination, brindle, and seal. They can also come in a combination of all three. Due to the popularity of the white chest on a black coat, the breed can look like it’s wearing a tuxedo. For this reason the Boston Terrier is also known as the “American Gentleman”. 
Adopt a Boston Terrier - No Breeder NeededUnique Health Issues
The Boston Terrier has a number of health issues that plague the breed. These include cataracts, cherry eye, occasional deafness, allergies, and several others. For this reason, it is important to get pet insurance from the moment you bring your dog home. Due to the wide array of conditions that can effect this breed, you’ll want to go with a company that has a wide range of coverage over an “emergency only” plan. See who we recommend here ( Due to the proportionally large head of the breed, many births must be done via caesarean section.
Short Snout
One of the prominent physical features of the Boston Terrier can also cause the most problems. Its short snout, like Pugs, can cause a more easily irritated palate. This leads to the breed being more severely affected by allergies than other dogs. It can also make them snore, but is not dangerous in itself.   The more labored breathing can make it harder for them to regulate their body temperature, causing some airlines to require waivers before flying due to the variable temperatures under the cabin.

Featured Boston Terrier Rescue Organization
Our featured Boston Terrier rescue group is Boston Buddies in Southern California. They pride themselves on rescuing and “rehoming” Boston Terriers. If you are in their area and want a Boston Terrier, they can help you find the perfect match. 
No Need For Breeders
The down economy has caused a recent spike in turn-ins at local shelters and rescue groups. You can save a life and save money by going to your local shelter to get a Boston Terrier instead of searching for a breeder. Use our custom search to find one in your area or start with the quick links below.  
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