Advertise With Us

Pet Search Party feels that advertising and partnerships are a key part of achieving success on the pet adoption front.  For this reason, we encourage your business to advertise on our site or partner with us in a social networking effort.  We consider ourselves a social enterprise and feel that we can all work together towards achieving our pet-related goals. 

Banner Ads
We have different types of banner ads to offer potential business clients and partners.  We will rotate several different ads throughout the first stages of our launch and will continue to build and maintain advertising relationships thereafter. 

Social Media
The use of social media is at the heart of our cause because it engages individuals and businesses to work together for the common good.  If you’d like to be part of our effort or would like us to be part of yours, email us and let’s get started!  We are primarily using Twitter, but are also open to other types of social media. 

Preferred Vet and Emergency Hospital Listings
We will be continually growing our listing of emergency veterinarians and pet hospital listings to cover the major metropolitan areas of the United States.  If you’d like to be a preferred listing for one particular area, please contact us for pricing information.  We’d like to build long term relationships with reputable professionals to refer our community to.


Newsletter Advertising
As we build our community, we’ll be sending out newsletters to keep everyone informed on what is happening in the pet adoption world.  If you have a product or a message to get out, contact us about being featured in our email newsletter.


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